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CommonSpot 4.0 Reviewed in the June 2004 ColdFusion Developer's Journal

July 13, 2004


Cover of June issue of ColdFusion Developer's Journal Steve Drucker, CEO of Fig Leaf Software, recently reviewed CommonSpot Content Server for the June 2004 edition of the ColdFusion Developer's Journal.

"CommonSpot Content Server, developed by PaperThin, Inc. has been simplifying Web site development and authoring since its introduction in 1998. On April 8, 2004, the newest generation, version 4.0, was released.

Web Content Management products usually seek to empower nontechnical users by allowing them to modify Web content from their desktops; enforcing standards; and categorizing, structuring, and cataloging information in a way that makes it easy to locate. With over 200 commercially available products spanning every conceivable market niche, CommonSpot has earned a reputation for ease of use and best overall value among its competitors. The fact that it's written and extensible through ColdFusion should come as no surprise to anyone ..."

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