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Fusion Productions

Fusion Productions

Consulting Partner,Hosting Partner

46 North Avenue
Webster, NY 14580

Phone: (585) 872.1900
Fax: (585) 872.2014


Faster. Better. Deeper.

Fusion helps its clients accelerate communications, learning, community and business strategies by creating transformational Web-based experiences... with powerful results.

As a leader and partner to many friends in the association management community for over 27 years, Fusion helps its clients create exciting new ways to deliver valuable member or customer experiences.

It is all about personalized online experiences that answers the unique needs and expectations of your members or customers when and how they want it... With Fusion, your web project will hit the mark with speed, precision, and ROI that you can measure.

No single company so seamlessly integrates industry-standard communications, learning and community-building technologies with the power of multimedia and video production.

Fusion Builds “Real-Time” Experiences through: 

  • An integrated core central database that is browser-based, providing a highly personalized experience for your participant user… and easy access by your staff from any location.

  • CommonSpot – the leading browser-based content management system (CMS) that puts the control of your content in your hands.

  • Integrated association management system (AMS) modules that can take a real-time snapshot of your association.

  • A customized taxonomy/classification system that allows for maximum personalization.

  • Participant-driven Communities of Practice for thousands of concurrent users.

  • E-commerce with targeted cross promotion.

  • Middleware integration platform using XML, SOAP, RDF.

  • Customized value-added applications to satisfy your particular stakeholders’ needs and expectations: abstract/presentation management from beginning to end, online registration with integrated personal scheduler and PDA download, dynamic attendee database to promote better networking, online breakout sessions with integrated slides, audio and video, webcasting – live or on demand, virtual tradeshows or booth presentations, or online evaluations.

A Record of Success That Is Rich & Varied

“Research and Best Practice-Based” Thought Leadership

  • Two major studies on best practices in Web site design and development and online education sponsored by the American Society of Association Executive Foundation.
  • Producers of DigitalNow, the leading conference on association Internet strategy, co-sponsored by ASAE, Disney Institute, and the ASAE Fellows.

“Game-Changing,” Enterprise-Level Portal and Web Site Development 

  • Developed new and powerful non-dues revenue streams for the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) by redefining how OSMA delivers member value.
  • Designed and built the largest (40,000) and fastest growing online community in the healthcare association community for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

  • Introduced & Deployed CommonSpot 1.0 to the association community in 1999 which has gone on to become a product with deep association market penetration and three generations of refinement.

  • Fusion served as the chief technology advisors to the 50 US State CPA societies and the AICPA in the development of its digital strategy initiatives that have enabled them to raise over US$80M in funding. “Participant-Focused” Applications Development.

  • Launched the first virtual meeting web site program used by the Society for Cardiovascular & Interventional Radiology (now Society of Interventional Radiology) and the Produce Marketing Association in 1997/1998.

  • Developed live weather feed application in 1997 with HTML 2.0 standards, developed aircraft valuation application enabling online valuation by stakeholders aka Kelly Blue Book for aviation for the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA).

  • Created many customized e-commerce applications including integration with back-end AMS and CMS and taxonomy and third party databases and applications to achieve user personalization for the American Society of Association Executives.

  • Customized community application that integrates various community tools such as threaded discussion, chat, polling, file sharing, community creation on demand, taxonomy deployment; knowledge deployment and indexing.

“Constant Innovating” New Product Development

Defining technology ROI is not about Web site hits, length of user sessions, number of meeting registrations, or the ability to process address changes online. These are important abilities and indicators, but real ROI is about the things that are key to your association and its survival: improved participant retention, revenue enhancement, prospect management – and systems integration.

Fusion Application Development

Systems Integration: Front, Back and Middle - The integration of your AMS with your Web site CMS and other rich applications will make you faster to market, more productive, save you money, and deliver the ultimate in personalized participant service and experiences.

Put Community to Work for Your Association
- Fusion’s online community platform offers a rich participant-driven collaborative experience that integrates with many existing collaboration applications and ones you may already have.

  • Discussion boards
  • Multi-level calendars
  • Online chat
  • Polling
  • News feeds
  • Community news and link sharing
  • File sharing and document collaboration
  • Group e-mail systems
  • Dynamic Frequently Asked Questions
  • Targeted cross-promotional banner ads
  • Personalized home pages
  • Site and community-wide searches

For more information contact:

Theresa DeConinck at 703-430-7459

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