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CommonSpot for Associations and Non-Profits

Whether you want out-of-the-box Web 2.0 applications such as event calendars,profiles, or blogs; the ability to create your own applications through a development framework; or the ability to easily integrate with association management systems, or import and export applications—CommonSpot provides a flexible Web foundation that helps you easily adapt to change and grow your organization.



With CommonSpot you can...

  • Manage your brand to increase brand equity using granular roles and permissions, templates, and metadata capabilities
  • Publish content faster with an intuitive user interface and a highly personalized dashboard
  • Engage your members with community-building apps such as Profiles and Blogs
  • Achieve higher conversion rates using campaign optimization tools such as A/B testing, forms builder and search engine optimization
  • Provide easy to find, 508 accessible, and cost-effective public services online
  • Increase site interactivity with multimedia apps such as Videos and a Photo Gallery
  • Organize content using CommonSpot’s unparalleled out-of-the-box taxonomy capabilities
  • Apply granular security to your entire site, page, or even field levels
  • Deliver new capabilities faster with an easy-to-use, open source development framework
  • Jumpstart development initiatives by building on the code and expertise of the
  • CommonSpot Developer Community

It's no wonder associations and non-profits worldwide depend on CommonSpot to manage their Internet, intranet and extranet sites.

To schedule a personal online demonstration, or learn more about CommonSpot today, call us at 1.800.940.3087, or email us at

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>> Download CommonSpot association and non-profit datasheet (PDF)

CommonSpot Interest Group

As a part of PaperThin’s community, customers have the opportunity to participate in PaperThin's interest group where they can exchange ideas and best practices with their peers, as well as collaborate with CommonSpot experts.  This group helps organizations large and small leverage the collective wisdom of our entire customer base, and gain more value from their CommonSpot implementations.


Customer Testimonials

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John McAndrew
Corporate Counsel

quotes_left  Things have been going very smoothly. PaperThin’s help really played a big role in making the new website launch successful and an overall smarter process. quotes_right

Eric Forsman
Florida Association of Realtors

quotes_left  We felt that CommonSpot’s inherent flexibility and ability to integrate with our existing applications made it the best solution to help us better organize website content and optimize user experiences on the site. quotes_right

Eric Forsman
Florida Association of Realtors

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