CommonSpot 9.0 makes it easier for marketers and administrators to accomplish complex tasks, which in turn has a measurable impact on time to market and website results. The new release offers the following:

  • For Marketers:
    • Integrated Video Management with YouTube Brightcove
    • Navigation Builder
    • Adaptable Layouts
    • Social Media Enhancements
    • Data Manager to manage related content objects
  • Administrators/Contributors
    • ADA/508 Accessibility Optimizer
    • Content Reuse Enhancements
    • Feed Notifications / Current Work Items
    • Content Object Data Viewer & Filtering Capabilities
    • Form Field Enhancements
    • Improved Site Administration Options
  • Developers
    • HTML5 Support & Page Outlining
    • Responsive Design
    • Container Render Handlers
    • Improved Style/Class Management
    • Log Viewer
    • Updated Application Development Framework & ADF Apps


Navigation Builder (Mega-Menus, Accordian Menus, etc)

Using a built-in navigation builder, users can easily create navigation for any purpose and style them in a variety of pre-built designs, such as accordions, sliders, and mega-menus.

Integrated Video Management

Draw website visitors in using multimedia assets such as videos, images, and other multimedia content. Make sure your site is optimized with as much jazz as possible

YouTube Hosted Video

Leverage YouTube's free video hosting platform to house your videos. CommonSpot provides a tight integration with YouTube so that you can directly upload and manage videos via CommonSpot into YouTube.

Accessibility Optimizer

CommonSpot's Accessibility Optimizer lets content owners instantly verify, on a page by page basis, how well the content abides by accessibility standards.

Improved Content Object Reuse

Re-use content to ensure consistency across your site. CommonSpot allows you to easily tag content with virtually any category you can think of, and then set criteria for how, when, and where you want it displayed throughout your site. This gives you endless ways to re-use content, and eliminates the need for manual content duplication.

HTML 5 Support & Better Page Outlining

CommonSpot fully supports the latest Web standards such as HTML5 helping developers improve the user experience in a variety of ways.

Feed Notifications & Current Work Items

Conveniently deliver content of interest or important news and alerts right to the CommonSpot dashboard. Notification features make it easy to create and maintain a repository of shareable news feeds and reports for your web team members.

Data Manager Field Type

CommonSpot adds to the advanced functionality already available through extensive custom object support with a Data Manager field type. This field comes standard with CommonSpot to enable authors to display and manage related data from different content objects within a single editing interface.

Video Playlists

Enhance the value of your video assets by easily creating and publishing YouTube- or Brightcove-hosted playlists in CommonSpot.

Application Development Framework (ADF) Enhancements

Jumpstart application development initiatives by shaving time off of projects that would otherwise take weeks to code. Developers can complete projects in the ADF in mere days saving organizations time and money, and helping achieve faster time to market.