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A complete web content management system, built for the savvy digital marketer.

CommonSpot is a must have tool for digital marketers. 

PaperThin's web content management system CommonSpot is designed to specifically address the requirements of web content management, web experience management, brand management, social media management, document management, and community management, while satisfying the needs of digital marketers and business users at every technical level.  CommonSpot is a complete web content management solution that helps you publish content instantly, and intelligently.

CommonSpot combines these disparate functions to deliver a solution that incorporates all into one cohesive platform.  The result is a more cost-effective, efficient, user-centric, marketing-driven platform that dramatically improves digital marketing outcomes while eliminating the need to purchase a myriad of expensive, best-of-breed tools.

Publish Content Instantly.

Publishing content with CommonSpot is as simple as placing it on a page. Just select a design template you want to use, add your content (text, images, or videos), tag it with metadata, and click Publish. Once tagged, you can easily re-use your content anywhere on the site eliminating the need for manual duplication. Want to share your content socially? Click Publish and Share. It's that simple. Your content is live in a matter of seconds.

Manage Content Smartly.

It's hard to maintain content integrity with hundreds of pages of content and many content contributors. CommonSpot helps prevent embarrassing mistakes before they happen. Simply assign Roles and Permissions to users enabling them to manage all website content, some content, or only very specific content. Then assign Workflows to ensure submitted content is reviewed and edited by authorized approvers. Prior to being published, set Freshness Reminders and the content you just approved will be relevant months or even years to come.

Personalize Content Effortlessly.

Text in itself is just that—text. CommonSpot makes it easy to target the delivery of your content making interactions personally relevant for site visitors and increasing engagement. Just use implicit or explicit Personalization to deliver content to visitors based on membership, mobile device, geo location, website activity, areas of interest, content viewed, searches made, or form conversions, to name only a few.  CommonSpot gathers information from each visitor during every session making it easy to deliver that once-plain content to the right person at exactly the right moment to maximize its value.

Analyze Performance Easily.

Analyzing performance is easier than ever before. CommonSpot enables you to measure and analyze performance using in-page Google Analytics. You get deep, data-driven insight into the pages you are working on while you are working on them allowing for real-time optimization and better page results. Just open the analytics panel and you are ready to go.

Optimize Content On The Fly

Getting web content onto a page is only half the battle.  Optimizing it for increased conversions is the other half. Use CommonSpot's SEO capabilities to optimize any page on your site for search engines as it is being created. Create search engine-friendly URLs, easily tag page content (photos, page titles, and text) with keywords and descriptions, add metadata or adjust it as your page content evolves. Want to test variations of content? No problem. Just use CommonSpot's A/B testing to find out which copy and design variations convert most successfully for better digital marketing results. 

Adapt to Market Changes Quickly.

CommonSpot is designed to offer the best of both worlds: a host of sophisticated features that can be easily customized or combined in unlimited ways, and the ability to build custom features with lightning speed using our Application Development Framework for up to 80% less.  This adaptability enables you to pivot when necessary with the speed of the market making CommonSpot the right product, no matter what your content management requirements. 

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