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PaperThin Support

Please NOTE: With the release of 9.0.1, version 9.0.0 of CommonSpot is no longer eligible for new patches and is officially desupported.

PaperThin strongly recommends installing the 7.0.2 and 9.0.1 Service Packs. We will make every effort to help troubleshoot any new issues found in 7.0.1 or 9.0.0, confirm if they are resolved in a supported version, and in rare circumstances may back-patch critical issues found in the earlier releases.

We expect release of the 8.0.4 Service Pack before year end, at which time we will desupport CommonSpot 8.0.3.

Support Availability

Support Incidents are processed between 8 am and 6 pm daily Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday, except NYSE holidays based on the designated priority of your incident. For emergencies and license key questions, you may call the Support line at 617-471-4440 option 3.
You may review your support ticket via Incident Tracking 24 hours a day providing information or answering our questions about your incident.

Designated Support Representatives
The primary points of contact between your organization and Support are your Designated Support Representatives (DSRs). DSRs have the ability to access all the resources within the PaperThin Support Site. You may specify up to three DSRs for your organization.

Designated Support Representatives can:

  • Access the Downloads directory to download patches and releases
  • Submit Support Incidents, Bug Reports and Enhancement Requests using the Integrated Support Module
  • Track and respond to submitted incidents online via the PaperThin support site

Non-DSR users with PaperThin accounts are able to:

  • View customer targeted information on the PaperThin site
  • Submit Support Incidents via Integrated Support on your server
  • Access the Community Site, Knowledge Base, FAQs and Document Library
  • Attend live product Webinars and view archived Webinars

Integrated Support Module
Support Incidents are submitted with the Integrated Support Module from within the CommonSpot Administrator on your servers. Submitting the Incident through Integrated Support creates an Incident ticket which automatically captures important information including CommonSpot and ColdFusion versions, database details, error logs, and other information that assists us in troubleshooting issues. Submission sends the Incident ticket to website Incident Tracking System. Please refer to the ‘Integrated Support Module’ document in the CommonSpot document library for more information about submitting Support Incidents using this module on your CommonSpot Server Site Administration page.

For each incident submitted, we generate a support ticket to store information and progress. DSRs can track the status of all incidents submitted on behalf of their organization, and work with our support team online via the Incident Tracking tools.

PaperThin employs a point system to help you set the priority of your tickets in our Incident Tracking queue. The more points you assign, the higher your ticket is in our queue. Points are not required to submit bugs or product enhancement requests where you do not require a response. Nor are points required to access any of the Knowledge Base, FAQ or Document Library resources.

Support Incidents submitted via telephone will be considered Immediate priority, and will be assigned 3 points.

Issues with license keys and simple installation questions are not necessarily assigned support points.

Visit our Support Overview page to learn more about Support Points and Incident Prioritization.

Support Information

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