Appalachian Mountain Club

Company Overview

  • The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) is the nation’s oldest outdoor recreation, education, and conservation organization
  • Promotes the protection, enjoyment and wise use of the mountains, rivers, and trails of the Northeast outdoors
  • Has nearly 90,000 members in 12 chapters; 20,000 volunteers; and more than 450 full time and seasonal staff

Business Challenge

  • AMC had only one content contributor, making site maintenance difficult
  • Needed to ensure website content was fresh and current
  • Needed to minimize the time it took to post newly created content to the site
  • Needed to enable non-technical users distributed across three locations to quickly and easily make changes to the website without having to write code to encourage user adoption
  • Needed to implement controls that would enable content contributors to edit specific pages or areas of the website
  • Needed to improve workflow in order to minimize the time it took for multiple content reviewers to edit and approve content


  • AMC purchased and implemented CommonSpot in 2003, and completed a website redesign in 2006
  • The organization used CommonSpot to manage its website
  • AMC went from one full-time content contributor to many content contributors—each with assigned roles and permissions to edit specific areas or pages of the website
  • The organization implemented revision and approval procedures that improved workflow


  • AMC was able to completely change the way it managed internet content by implementing the CommonSpot Web content management system
  • With little training, AMC users were able to quickly adopt CommonSpot due to the system’s inherent ease of use
  • AMC eliminated its content bottleneck by moving from one content contributor to many
  • Productivity improved due to CommonSpot’s comprehensive workflow capabilities
  • Overall timeliness of content has improved and website content is now always fresh and compelling

Customer Information

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