Today, common IT challenges are becoming more intense with the rapid advance of mobile, the exponential growth of video and social media, increasing data requirements, and the constant flow of new apps, technologies, and content delivery channels. This presents special challenges to already pressured and often under-resourced IT departments tasked with web content management system selection, implementation, and maintenance.

To keep pace, you need to increase operational efficiency while finding ways to quickly and easily develop and deliver integrated web applications and tailored functionality. The CommonSpot web content management system helps you increase productivity and operational efficiency, lower costs, and focus on operational excellence so you have more time to support strategic business initiatives. 



Ensure Security

Secure Access to Content Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot has a robust security framework, built-in authentication, and granular content security for unparalleled flexibility in managing and controlling access to content.

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Scale As Needed

Multi-Server Configuration Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's server architecture is reliable and highly scalable to handle both the simplest and most demanding web environments, from a single authoring/production server to multiple, geographically distributed authoring and read-only servers. CommonSpot supports both shared database and replication models.

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Optimize Performance

Page Performance

Advanced site performance settings give you all the tools you need to meet the specific resource demands and needs of everyone using your site. Use in coordination built-in performance analysis tools to tune and optimize site response.

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Exceed Industry Standards

Industry Standard Web Technologies Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot is an effective standards-based platform for delivering mission-critical Web applications. CommonSpot enables the use of industry-standard tools for application development and customization. Sites can take advantage of JavaScript, including any of the popular libraries such as jQuery and CSS and responsive design libraries such as Bootstrap. Native CFML support enables rapid application development and Java integration.

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Deploy Your Way

Deployment Options Feature Thumbnail

Available On Premises or as a SaaS Cloud-based solution, CommonSpot has flexible deployment options that enable you to run in the environment that best meets your needs. You can deploy CommonSpot using a single server or run in a multi-server environment to handle higher traffic with redundancy.

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Dynamic and Cached Content

Dynamic or Decoupled Static Content Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot was built from the ground up to efficiently deliver dynamic, interactive content. Intelligent caching reduces database lookups to minimize wait time, while advanced features, tools, and utilities help sites tune performance for their specific needs.

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Multifaceted Authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.)

Multiple Facet Authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.) Feature Thumbnail

Custom authentication options enable integration with any third-party mechanism, such as LDAP, Active Directory, or custom user directories.

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Dedicated or Virtual Server Environment

Dedicated or Virtual Server Environment Feature Thumbnail

Sites can reliably deploy CommonSpot in dedicated or virtual server environments, using the platform of choice.

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