One of the most powerful content management systems on the market today is available as a cloud-based, SaaS CMS. Designed for maximum ease of use, CommonSpot Cloud offers all the sophisticated features prized by leading organizations and delivers them to you through the cloud. That means there’s no hardware to install or product updates to download. It’s seamlessly handled for you in an infrastructure-free environment.  This frees IT from the burden of maintaining a web infrastructure, and allows marketers to take control of the Web for faster time to market and a greater return on marketing initiatives.


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CommonSpot Cloud Benefits

Hands Off & Worry Free

Let the CommonSpot experts manage the systems so you don't have to. We'll monitor the servers 24x7, apply the patches, install the updates, and give the servers tender loving care, so you can sleep care-free at night.

Faster Time to Market

Marketers can implement Web strategies in weeks not months with minimal effort using CommonSpot Cloud, and can start realizing marketing results immediately.

Lower Costs and Fewer Resources

CommonSpot Cloud offers affordable, tiered pricing so organizations only pay for the capabilities and infrastructure they need. Because it's SaaS and in the cloud, capital expenses for software licenses and hardware are eliminated and ongoing maintenance, upgrade and support resources and associated costs are significantly reduced.

Better Reliability

PaperThin utilizes the industry leading Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. This means you get the best infrastructure and technical operations available. Most likely far better than what you have internally in your data center. By default all of our configurations are redundant across multiple data centers, giving you reliable redundancy. We even offer warm-backup configurations in different Amazon regions.

Rapid Deployment and Greater Productivity

CommonSpot Cloud sites can be implemented quickly by PaperThin experts and just as quickly handed off to business users greatly reducing your time to Web. By removing the time and resources associated with the initial build-out and ongoing maintenance, IT productivity greatly improves because time can be spent focusing on more strategic business initiatives.

High Impact Results

Marketers get the powerful capabilities they need to easily create well organized, SEO enabled, interactive, and community-focused websites that drive new business and strengthen online brands.

Multi-channel Optimization

Marketers can optimize digital content and campaigns across all Web channels, including social media, mobile, etc.