CommonSpot is the web experience and content management platform of choice for digitally-focused marketers looking to realize the true value of websites. CommonSpot gives marketers and business users with varying technical skill sets the tools to publish content instantly across the web, mobile, and social. It’s the CMS of choice for organizations challenged with the evolving mix of device, software and user experience.

Developers love CommonSpot as well. This isn’t a commoditized CMS with little flexibility—you can innovate. We give you unmatched ability to push the boundaries of creativity with a development framework and powerful tools that help you satisfy the needs of your biggest digital marketing challenges. In today’s competitive market where inertia is your enemy, CommonSpot speeds the development process ensuring faster time to market and better website outcomes.

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Web Content Management Solutions


Ramp up results exponentially using CommonSpot’s intuitive, on-page analytics. Enable users to make informed decisions about web content or social conversions by giving them easy access to valuable insights so they can optimize content as they work on it, and maximize conversions.

Document Management

CommonSpot’s exceptional document management capabilities give you quick access to any type of document via any device you choose saving you valuable time. You can easily share documents with team members and assign permissions, versioning, and workflows to control content integrity and prevent costly mistakes.

Tag Management

CommonSpot’s renowned and easy-to-use classification capabilities help you re-use content throughout your site, deliver targeted and personalized content, make content easier to find and navigate, analyze and optimize specific content to increase its effectiveness, and so much more.

Styles And Templates

CommonSpot gives you flexible tools—such as Cascading Style Sheets, CSS Class Management, HTML and Smart Templates, and more—to implement your design and control it in variety of powerful ways that enable users to easily manage the design, while protecting the integrity of your brand.

Image And Gallery Management

CommonSpot makes it easy to showcase images in a beautiful way. Simply upload an image, edit and customize it’s look and feel to your liking, and then choose the best way to present it. It’s that simple.

Workflow and Versioning

CommonSpot lets you assign tasks to content contributors, editors, approvers and publishers, and then set up intuitive editorial workflows that allow for collaborative editing, versioning, visual difference comparison, and approvals. Nothing gets published without going through the workflow making the process of ensuring great content and adhering to brand editorial standards simple and pain-free.

Content Editing

Want to ensure content quality and freshness? Then you need editing tools that help content editors, regardless of skill-set, create and update web content with ease. CommonSpot empowers content editors with an intuitive user interface and familiar WYSIWYG tools for effortlessly updating content right within the context of a page.

Author Tools

CommonSpot simplifies authoring for individual contributors and teams by streamlining the way you work. Our intuitive authoring tools—personalized dashboard, shortcuts, versioning, workflow and approvals, context-sensitive, and multi-language support to name only a few—make it simple to author content whether individually or collaboratively.

Roles & Permissions

Managing website content is simple. Controlling content quality to protect your brand can be trickier. You need the ability to define the role users play and determine the tools they can use to manage web content. CommonSpot's granular permissions gives you the control you need.


CommonSpot offers a variety of powerful search tools that give visitors their desired results quickly and with near perfect relevance.


CommonSpot offers a variety of tools to help you build intuitive and effective menus that work with your unique web design and content architecture to give visitors a simple and consistent way to find content.


CommonSpot delivers on the promise of Intranet engagement with a variety of powerful tools. Build visually stunning Intranet’s that educate and connect employees, enable social conversations, provide personal workspaces, plug people in to company-wide communications, push targeted and personalized content to employees, and help them find the content they are looking for regardless of device being used.

Forms, Polls And Surveys

CommonSpot’s intuitive form builder tools allow you to easily create and design beautiful web forms, collect information in real time, and analyze results for actionable insights. No coding is necessary.