Navigation is an essential part of any website. It plays a critical role in the user experience, helps determine how well your pages convert site visitors into potential customers, and impacts the success or failure of your SEO initiatives. Content aside, it’s the most important element on any page and can be a challenge to implement, unless you use CommonSpot.

CommonSpot offers a variety of tools to help you build intuitive and effective menus that work with your unique web design and content architecture to give visitors a simple and consistent way to find content. No coding is required. Marketers can easily create and manage navigation, site maps, dynamic lists, mega-menus, A-Z search, and so on without the need to write a line of code. 


Help Visitors Discover Content Naturally Using Facet-Based Navigation

Facet-Based Navigation Feature Thumbnail

Today's websites can be a collection of hundreds if not thousands of web pages containing valuable information that maybe hard using full-text search unless you know the right search term to obtain the intended result. CommonSpot's Facet-based Navigation exposes how your content is organized, easily driving site visitors through a logical path of discovery helping filter out irrelevant information to locate the exact content for which they are searching.

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Use Mega Menus and Accordions For More Complex Navigation

Mega Menus and Accordion Menus Feature Thumbnail

Out-of-the-box features make it easy to create and update accordion menus and mega-menus for fast, intuitive information discovery and retrieval.

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Build Navigation Easily Without Using Any Code

Navigation Builder Thumbnail

Using a built-in navigation builder, users can easily create navigation for any purpose and style them in a variety of pre-built designs, such as accordions, sliders, and mega-menus.

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Create Dynamic Navigation Lists Without Coding

Dynamic Lists Feature Thumbnail

Give your site visitors the freshest, most relevant news and information every time. CommonSpot makes it easy to create dynamic lists that automatically update when new content meets conditions you define.

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Use A-Z Listings With Type-Ahead Search To Quickly Navigate To Specific Content

A-Z Listings with Type Ahead Search Feature Thumbnail

Help site visitors easily search for and find what they are looking for fast. CommonSpot's A-Z listings with type-ahead search returns results as you type for better information discovery and retrieval.

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Use Sitemaps To Give Visitors A View Of All Navigable Pages

Site Map

Sitemaps are a useful tool for site visitors and search engines alike, but only when up to date. Sitemaps offer visitors an alternative way to navigate your website in one single view. More importantly they tell search engines the pages of your website that you want crawled, the priority or hierarchy of your content, and when your pages were last updated.

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Add Breadcrumbs As A Secondary Way To Navigate Your Site

Breadcrumbs Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's Breadcrumb navigation greatly enhances the way site visitors find their way around your site, reduces the number of actions needed return to a page, and are provide a logical hierarchy for search engines to follow.

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Easily Create Simple Navigation Link Bars

Link Bars Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot offers a range of features to simplify the production of both sophisticated and simple navigation, including a Link Bar option for easily creating a set of links that display as a single unit.

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Use Page Sets To Manage Closely Related Pages

Page Sets Feature Thumbnail

Easily create and maintain large or small groups of related pages using CommonSpot Page Sets.

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