IT and administrators love working with CommonSpot. Built using ColdFusion, CommonSpot’s open architecture, scalability, and flexible deployment options allow you to easily modify and align the system to your web strategy, giving Marketers the CMS they need to realize results regardless of how demanding and complex a website you have. Whether customizing your first implementation, making day-by-day adjustments, or altering the system as your organization grows and changes, CommonSpot provides you with the stability and flexibility you need to support and grow with your organization.

CommonSpot offers a complete set of tools that make it highly compatible with best-of-breed and legacy systems, and adjustable to meet your unique business needs. It’s fail-proof architecture can handle hundreds of thousands of web pages with ease. From authentication, to distributed administration, to high performance caching, to security, you’ll find CommonSpot standards compliant, tested, proven, and secure.


Authoring, Staging and Production Servers

Authoring, Staging and Production Servers Feature Thumbnail

Contributors edit content on authoring servers, which can also serve up production content. Add production servers to meet demand. Low-cost development licenses are available for upgrade and new application testing and development.

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Mobile and Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Make website experiences mobile friendly by enabling site visitors to view content when they want, the way they want—regardless of the device that is being used. Automatically deliver a mobile version of your site to mobile users, a tablet version for tablet users, and so on ensuring all experiences are optimized for the site visitor’s preferred channel.

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Multi-Server Shared Database or Replication Configuration

Multi-Server Configuration Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's server architecture is reliable and highly scalable to handle both the simplest and most demanding web environments, from a single authoring/production server to multiple, geographically distributed authoring and read-only servers. CommonSpot supports both shared database and replication models.

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On Premises or Cloud

Cloud icon

CommonSpot offers highly extensible implementation and deployment options and tools. Available as an On Premise or Cloud (SaaS) offering, CommonSpot has options for authoring, staging, and production servers; developer-only licenses; dedicated or virtual server environments; multi-server shared database or replication; redundancy and failover; and multimedia server support.

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Open Architecture

Open Architecture Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot has a completely open architecture which enables organizations to easily integrate with existing front- and back-office systems, or new applications as they are introduced.

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Performance Settings

Page Performance

Advanced site performance settings give you all the tools you need to meet the specific resource demands and needs of everyone using your site. Use in coordination built-in performance analysis tools to tune and optimize site response.

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Redundancy and Failover Options

Redundancy and Failover Options Feature Thumbnail

Deploy CommonSpot on a server architecture that meets your visitor demands. This includes the ability to deploy as many redundant servers as needed to match demand spikes, as well as standby failover servers which can be deployed in an emergency.

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Multifaceted Authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.)

Multiple Facet Authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.) Feature Thumbnail

Custom authentication options enable integration with any third-party mechanism, such as LDAP, Active Directory, or custom user directories.

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Subscription Feature Thumbnail

Easily subscribe to internal CommonSpot pages, add subscription links to templates and pages, and manage subscriptions and updates your way. Subscription and notification features make it easy for everyone to stay up to date on the information they need most.

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CommonSpot Security

Site General Security thumbnsil

CommonSpot includes network security features to keep your site up and running and safe from unauthorized use with a suite of security-minded features and rigorous, regular testing and updates.

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Content Object Level Security

Content Object Level Security Feature Thumbnail

Easily manage access to standard and custom content objects. Granular controls are built right in to CommonSpot so you can give team members the exact permissions they need to get the job done without compromising other content areas.

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Customizable Left Pane

Customizable Left Pane Feature Thumbnail

The CommonSpot workspace includes a fully customizable left pane that includes a convenient set of authoring, analysis, and optimization tools for delivering a great user experience.

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Dynamic and Cached Content

Dynamic or Decoupled Static Content Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot was built from the ground up to efficiently deliver dynamic, interactive content. Intelligent caching reduces database lookups to minimize wait time, while advanced features, tools, and utilities help sites tune performance for their specific needs.

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Resource Loader Framework

JavaScript and CSS logos::JavaScript and CSS logos

CommonSpot provides a resource loader framework for dynamically and efficiently loading JavaScript and CSS resources.

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XML Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's XML framework makes it easy to source and modify content for delivery in multiple formats for custom output or integration with other systems. CommonSpot supports point and click syndication in RSS and Atom format out of the box and includes tools and features for creating custom XML publications and formats.

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Cross Browser Authoring Support

Cross Browser Authoring Support Feature Thumbnail

Work smarter and more productively. CommonSpot helps you manage content anywhere there is an internet connection using the browser of your choice.

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Dedicated or Virtual Server Environment

Dedicated or Virtual Server Environment Feature Thumbnail

Sites can reliably deploy CommonSpot in dedicated or virtual server environments, using the platform of choice.

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Deployment Options

Deployment Options Feature Thumbnail

Available On Premises or as a SaaS Cloud-based solution, CommonSpot has flexible deployment options that enable you to run in the environment that best meets your needs. You can deploy CommonSpot using a single server or run in a multi-server environment to handle higher traffic with redundancy.

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High Performance Caching

High Performance Caching Feature Thumbnail

Optimize site performance for a better user experience. CommonSpot includes advanced cache-management tools and performance settings to deliver the best site response for all users, while helping to reduce costs and overhead through better resource management.

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HTML5 Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot fully supports the latest Web standards such as HTML5 helping developers improve the user experience in a variety of ways.

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Scheduled Jobs Management

Scheduled Jobs Management Feature Thumbnail

Administrators can create and manage scheduled background jobs, including any of the more than a dozen out-of-the-box utilities (rebuilding cache and links, analyzing performance and more) as well as custom jobs.

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SSL Feature Thumbnail

Secure your site with standards-based SSL or TLS certificates. Serve HTTPS over your own servers or take advantage of CommonSpot Cloud provisioning services for certificate installation and CommonSpot maintenance.

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