When it comes to operating environments, everyone wants options, but no one wants surprises. CommonSpot offers flexibility plus stability based on a long and successful history of deployment in mixed environments, On Premise or in the Cloud. Sites can run on dedicated or virtual servers, over Linux or Windows, using Adobe Coldfusion or Railo/Lucee and the database of choice.

Sites running in closed and highly secure environments can deploy on physical machines or opt to run on one or more local instances of virtual machines to more efficiently use available resources. Many organizations today run high-volume CommonSpot sites in virtual machine configurations in their own environments using industry-standard VM software.

Hardware virtualization is the foundation of the cloud computing platform supplied by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for CommonSpot Cloud. Among the many benefits of running virtually in the Cloud is the option to easily import virtual machine images from your existing environment to Amazon instances and export them back to your on-premises environment, if needed.

  • Deploy in your local environment on physical or virtual machines.
  • Run over Linux or Windows, ColdFusion or Railo/Lucee, and use the database of choice in either environment, virtually or physically.
  • Use industry-standard platform-specific VM software.
  • Leverage all the built-in virtualization support available through CommonSpot Cloud for fast, reliable, and secure build-outs.

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