• CommonSpot

  • A SaaS, Cloud-based CMS.

    • A SaaS model. You pay an annual fee for the CMS software, hosting, maintenance and 24x7 monitoring.
    • Deploy in the Cloud for greater scale and agility.
    • Lower costs and use fewer resources.

    Faster Time to Market

    • Up and running in 30 days or less.
    • No waiting for or relying upon support from IT.
    • Everyone works faster and smarter for better results.

    Hands Off & Worry Free

    • Let the CommonSpot experts manage the systems so you don't have to.
    • Hardware and upgrades are seamlessly handled for you.

    Lower Costs and Fewer Resources

    • CommonSpot Cloud offers affordable, tiered pricing.
    • Capital expenses for software licenses and hardware are eliminated.
    • Pay for the capabilities and infrastructure you need.

    Empowers Marketers (and Developers)

    • Satisfy the needs of digital marketers at every technical level.
    • Innovate with the speed of the market.
    • Empower marketers to own and manage the website.
  • CommonSpot

  • The #1 ColdFusion-based CMS. Period.

    • A Perpetual License model.
    • You purchase the software up-front and pay an annual Subscription Fee for updates and support access.
    • Deploy and install in your own environment.
    • Leverage your existing ColdFusion infrastructure.

    Exceedingly Configurable

    • Align the system to your web strategy and business needs.
    • Easily integrates with best-of-breed and legacy systems.
    • Customize and extend the system with 2,000+ API hooks and an open-source application development framework.
    • Run under your environment (SQL Server, Oracle or My SQL, Windows or Linux, Railo or Adobe CF)

    Empowers Developers (and Marketers)

    • Leverage in-house ColdFusion expertise.
    • Develop rapidly for up to 80% less $$ using an intuitive framework.
    • Enable marketers to manage the website.