Publishing content with CommonSpot is ridiculously simple.  Ensuring optimal performance is the next critical step to driving better marketing results. CommonSpot's suite of marketing optimization tools give you actionable, data-driven insights into what is or isn't working on your site so you can optimize content and deliver the most relevant experiences possible.

Whether optimizing content for search engines, ensuring readability for people with disabilities, analyzing page performance using Google Analytics, or measuring real-time social media engagement—you get deep insight into the pages you are working on, while you are working on them.  PaperThin’s marketing optimization tools give you the insight needed to fully optimize your content for the best possible outcomes.

Marketing Optimization Solutions


Ramp up results exponentially using CommonSpot’s intuitive, on-page analytics. Enable users to make informed decisions about web content or social conversions by giving them easy access to valuable insights so they can optimize content as they work on it, and maximize conversions.


CommonSpot’s SEO capabilities enable you to add content to a page and easily optimize it for search engines as you go. Once published, your content will be customer- and SEO-friendly offering the engaging user experiences that search engines reward.


CommonSpot has a variety of easy-to-use tools that help you create accessible web pages, measure how well those pages are optimized for accessibility, and optimize them in real time for the devices and web access strategies most often used by individuals with disabilities.