Some industries require that websites be 508 compliant, and some organizations simply want to enable all site visitors, including those with disabilities, to easily navigate their website. CommonSpot provides numerous features that will help you to develop an accessible site that meets 508 accessibility requirements and improves user experiences for people with disabilities.

CommonSpot has a variety of easy-to-use tools that help you create accessible web pages, measure how well those pages are optimized for accessibility, and optimize them in real time for the devices and web access strategies most often used by individuals with disabilities.


Make Web Pages Accessible Using A Suite Of Tools

Accessibility (508 Standards) Feature Thumbnail

Whether your site must be 508 compliant, or you simply want to serve all site visitors, CommonSpot gives you all the tools and features you need to develop a site that meets or exceeds accessibility standards.

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Measure And Optimize Pages To Ensure Accessibility Compliance

Accessibility (508 Standards) Feature Thumbnail::Accessibility (508 Standards) Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's Accessibility Optimizer lets content owners instantly verify, on a page by page basis, how well the content abides by accessibility standards.

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Organize Content Better Using Heading Tags And HTML5 Sectioning

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CommonSpot Heading Tags and HTML5 Sectioning features help you organize and structure page content for site visitors, search engines, and assistive technologies.

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