Some industries and organizations require 508 compliance, while others simply want to enable all site visitors, including those with disabilities, to easily navigate their content. Either way, you need a set of tools and technologies that are accessibility-aware and that give you publishing options that support your specific goals and audience. CommonSpot provides a robust set of easy-to-use tools to help you create and measure web page accessibility and optimize in real time for the devices and web access strategies used most often by individuals with disabilities.

  • Easily analyze and display content objects as they would be interpreted by assistive technologies, such as screen readers, without leaving the current page.
  • Quickly check the accessibility of page links, form fields, tables, image tags, heading structure, and ARIA landmarks and make changes that support your web strategy.
  • Use out-of-the-box breadcrumb links, site maps, hierarchical menus, and HTML5 heading tags to easily outline and organize content for users of assistive technologies.
  • Alternatively use HTML5 sectioning tags to communicate with assistive devices.
  • Set policy for accessibility standards, such as image Alt tags and edit control labels, at the site level and check at the page level.
  • Assign security to accessibility tools.

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