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If you have an issue, please look to see if a solution already exists. Use the menu bar above or the quick links below. If you can't find what you need, call us at 617-471-4440 Option 3.

Integrated Support

Integrated Support allows you to submit support incidents directly from your system. It is accessible from within the CommonSpot Administrator on all servers on which CommonSpot is installed.

Technical Specifications

CommonSpot installation and upgrade requirements for Basic Hardware, Operating System, Database, Java, ColdFusion or Railo Engine and Web Browser for authoring are listed here for each build.

Hot Fixes

PaperThin releases patches (HotFixes) for each release. Listed here are currently supported and non-supported patch lists for builds. Check here first before submitting a Support Incident. Be sure to sign up for patch emails.

Knowledge Base Search

Search the many KB Articles that include patches and others that cover How To questions or suggest how to configure your environment so CommonSpot runs smoothly. Also search our product documentation.

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription package entitles licensed customers to receive on-going support and to have access to all new releases and upgrades during the annual period.

Support Points

PaperThin employs a point system to enable you to determine the priority of your Support Incident in the PaperThin Support Queue.

Product Documentation

In addition to the Guides included in the downloadable Help Module (Admin, Contributors, Elements and API) PaperThin publishes other training and configuration documentation.

API Documentation

The API documentation provides an overview of the CommonSpot Command API, as well as reference documentation for each component, method, and datatype in the API.

Designated Support Representatives

The main contacts from your organization that will interact with PaperThin Support.

Widget Gallery

CommonSpot Widgets are the latest free download offering from PaperThin to help expedite the site build process as well as empower you with the ability to add modern components to your site’s design.

Application Development Framework (ADF)

The Application Development Framework is a free, open source project for extending CommonSpot with custom applications that are tightly bound to core CommonSpot code.

Escalated Support

PaperThin Support Services offer organizations that require escalated support with direct access to Senior Engineers for troubleshooting and remediation.

Retainer Support

When deadlines approach and you need direct access to the PaperThin Support Team, ask your account representative about Retainer Support.

CommonSpot Training

PaperThin offers a series of training courses, conducted online and in-person, that will educate you in all aspects of CommonSpot.

Support Holiday Schedule

PaperThin Support is closed on New York Stock Exchange Holidays and traditionally the day after Thanksgiving. Support may also be closed the day after Christmas.

Community Site

The Commons is a resource for the CommonSpot community to ask or answer a question, give or receive feedback, download custom apps and read articles on everything from content strategy to technical architecture.