The Application Development Framework (ADF) is an open source framework that essentially sits on top of (or next to) your CommonSpot installation. The ADF is a combination of Server and Site level object factories built using the open source Lightwire Object Factory (visit the Term Glossary for definitions of the terminology used with the lightwire object factory)

The framework consists of essentially these major components:

  • Applications (Apps) - Custom built applications that can be a combination of components (cfc's), custom coding (custom field types, custom scripts, renderhandlers etc...) and common ADF library components
  • Library - Organized components designed to extend your CommonSpot development by giving you simple access to data within CommonSpot (like pages, subsites, documents, images and custom elements)
  • Extensions - Global custom scripts, custom field types, datasheet modules, render handlers, etc... Extensions can be imported into you current CommonSpot sites to achieve enhanced functionality.
  • ThirdParty - Third party software used to enhance the interface or interaction with CommonSpot data.  Examples include, jQuery plugins, jQuery UI, swfobject etc... 

The ADF can be downloaded from the ADF Project Page on the Community Site