Here at PaperThin, we know that web content can either be the catalyst to a conversation between you and your prospective customers—or a point of departure. To be truly engaging, content must be easy to find. It must be targeted to the right person at the right time. And it must be easily viewed on a visitor’s preferred channel. 

The PaperThin Digital Marketing Engine helps you improve the web experience, compelling site visitors and customers to engage with your brand—using relevant content—whether via the web, mobile or social. Once engaged, we help you nurture and convert those visitors into loyal paying customers. Learn how the Digital Marketing Engine can help improve your marketing results.

Digital Marketing Engine Solutions


Deliver highly personalized content that anticipates an individual website visitor’s needs at the right moment for a more compelling Web experience that increases engagement and helps marketers improve their overall chance of success.

Brand Management

CommonSpot enables you to effortlessly build beautiful, responsive website templates that can be locked down across every level of your organization ensuring brand consistency. Once design elements, imagery, and digital assets are in place, you can easily extend your reach using social media and mobile.

Experience Management

There's no substitute for great content, but there are many ways to make a Web experience memorable from the very first impression. Captivate site visitors with compelling content and experiences and make every impression a lasting one.

Demand Generation

CommonSpot empowers marketers to segment audiences, target and personalize content with focused landing pages and microsites, and when ready to engage, capture customer information at every touchpoint.

Mobile and Responsive Design

Today you must engage customers on multiple channels, and mobile is arguably the most important. That means you must deliver compelling web experiences in a world where new device types emerge with alarming regularity. No easy feat. Using CommonSpot, you can transform your website to deliver compelling mobile experiences—no matter which device is being used.

Community Building

CommonSpot has a variety of tools to help you build community, engage users authentically, and make them your greatest brand advocates.

Social Media Management

Facilitate the real conversations that happen in social media while on your website and encourage brand participation, jump-start peer recommendations, and help you achieve your digital marketing objectives.

Forms, Polls And Surveys

CommonSpot’s intuitive form builder tools allow you to easily create and design beautiful web forms, collect information in real time, and analyze results for actionable insights. No coding is necessary.

Multimedia Management

Video is one of the most effective communication tools you’ve got. CommonSpot simplifies video management by seamlessly integrating with multiple video platforms such as YouTube or Brightcove, allowing you to leverage the power of video.

Tag Management

CommonSpot’s renowned and easy-to-use classification capabilities help you re-use content throughout your site, deliver targeted and personalized content, make content easier to find and navigate, analyze and optimize specific content to increase its effectiveness, and so much more.