Brand management means controlling the way your brand is viewed. It’s about creating positive customer experiences that help you win mindshare in today’s shifting and competitive landscape. Digital is just one way to communicate your brand’s identity. To be successful, your look and message must be well orchestrated across all digital channels and devices, including your website, social media channels, search engine results, etc. The smallest inconsistency can negatively impact your brand. 

Because there are so many factors in play, you need complete control of your corporate identity across the web, mobile and social. CommonSpot enables you to effortlessly build beautiful, responsive website templates that can be locked down across every level of your organization ensuring brand consistency. Once design elements, imagery, and digital assets are in place, you can easily extend your reach using social media and mobile. 

 How well you control and monitor these factors will determine your success. CommonSpot can help.


Create Flexible HTML Templates Easily

HTML Templates Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot makes it easy for individuals who know HTML and CSS to create base templates upon which other templates can be built. This enables you to essentially lock in the look and feel of your site, while allowing non-technical users to manage aspects of the site design that fall within established brand and governance guidelines.

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Change Page Layouts On The Fly

Changeable Layouts Feature Thumbnail

Changeable Layouts help you present website content in the ideal way without limitations. You can make effortless adjustments to how content is presented on regions of a page, freeing you from having to compromise the message to fit the space.

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Build Templates Without Code

Template Creation (Without Coding) Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's template architecture puts the power of creating and managing simple or complex design templates squarely into the hands of non-technical users without eroding the integrity of your organizations overall brand. CommonSpot gives users the simple tools they need to manage how the main design template is presented on the pages they own.

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Re-use Content Throughout Your Site

Content Reuse Thumbnail

Re-use content to ensure consistency across your site. CommonSpot allows you to easily tag content with virtually any category you can think of, and then tag it with information on how, when, and where you want it to be displayed throughout your site. This gives you endless ways to re-use content, and eliminates the need for manual content duplication.

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Use Metadata To Maximize Content Value

Metadata Feature Thumbnail

Tagging your content is essential for managing it your way. CommonSpot captures a great deal of metadata automatically, including date, file location, owner, etc. But your business rules may call for any number of custom classifications which can be used for anything from content organization, content discovery, content layout, or even navigation. When standard is not specific enough, custom metadata can capture important details.

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Control Content Quality Using Roles And Permissions

Roles and Permissions Feature Thumbnail

Improve productivity by assigning extensive roles and permissions for new users, and redefining roles as responsibilities change. CommonSpot gives users the power to run their own area of the website through assigned roles and permissions, whether creating pages and templates, adding users or assigning individual or group rights.

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Manage Navigation Easily Without Using Code

Navigation Builder Thumbnail

Using a built-in navigation builder, users can easily create navigation for any purpose and style them in a variety of pre-built designs, such as accordions, sliders, and mega-menus.

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Deliver Content Via Multiple Channels

Multi-Channel delivery Feature Thumbnail

Give site visitors the choice of viewing Web content when and how they want it providing the best possible user experience. CommonSpot gives you endless ways to present and deliver content, regardless of the delivery channel. Whether RSS, email, iPhone, social media sites, or any other communications channel, you control how and where your brand is presented.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Feature Thumbnail

Optimize for search engines as you create your pages. CommonSpot's built-in SEO capabilities make it easy to effectively direct and increase the amount of search engine traffic to your site using tools that help you quickly and easily target and manage keywords, track rankings, and analyze and optimize your site for high performance results.

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