Content marketing is key to driving website traffic. Offering a consistent influx of quality website content is essential, yet inflexible page templates can limit what you can do on a page. You can’t force quality content to fit a page’s real-estate or quality will be sacrificed. Marketers need one click options for making content layout changes on the fly. 

CommonSpot’s Changeable Layouts help you present website content in the ideal way without limitations. You can make effortless adjustments to how content is presented on regions of a page, freeing you from having to compromise the message to fit the space.
  • Make one-click changes to page layouts on the fly. 
  • Easily add or remove columns from regions of a page.
  • Change column widths to emphasize content appropriately. 
  • Easily alter how content is presented (accordions, carousels, columns, etc). 
  • Show or hide content using a simple pick list. 
  • Drag and drop content to change the order in which it appears. 
  • Automatically maintain responsive designs. 
  • Build changeable layouts once and never have to redo them for enormous time savings.

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