The overall look and feel of your website is a defining factor in its ultimate success. Beautifully designed pages often seem effortless, but a lot of work can go into design styles and template creation if you don’t have the right web content management system. You need intuitive tools that any user can master without the need to write code.

CommonSpot is design independent. That means that whatever design you want to implement, CommonSpot can handle. We give you flexible tools—such as Cascading Style Sheets, CSS Class Management, HTML and Smart Templates, and more—to implement your design and control it in variety of powerful ways that enable users to easily manage the design, while protecting the integrity of your brand.  


Create HTML Templates Easily With A Little Know-How

HTML Templates Feature Thumbnail

The foundation of CommonSpot's template hierarchy is a single HTML-based template. This architecture enables automatic inheritance of intelligent conditional layouts and programmatic elements for pages managed by non-technical users, as well as fast, efficient re-branding and design updates through a single site component.

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Create Templates Easily (Without Coding)

Template Creation (Without Coding) Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's template architecture puts the power of creating and managing simple or complex templates squarely in the hands of non-technical users. Simple tools help users create the layouts they need to get the job done, while robust, flexible security features protect the design assets you rely on to advance your brand.

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Use Cascading Style Sheets To Manage Your Web Design


Cascading Style Sheets help to ensure a consistent ‘look and feel’ throughout your site. Changes to style, fonts, sizes, etc. can be made in one place and incorporated automatically throughout all pages that utilize the style sheet.

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Apply Style Classes Easily Using CSS Class Management

CSS Class Management

CommonSpot supports any design, and applying style classes to your content is easy. Designers can register a library of available classes and assign them to content objects, making it easy for users to apply style classes from within the CommonSpot interface.

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Use Changeable Layouts To Present Content In A Variety Of Ways

Changeable Layouts Feature Thumbnail

Changeable Layouts help you present website content in the ideal way without limitations. You can make effortless adjustments to how content is presented on regions of a page, freeing you from having to compromise the message to fit the space.

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