Organizations spend billions of dollars on content marketing to enhance credibility and build brand awareness. That means content quality standards must be high or your content will detract from, rather than advance your brand. To ensure content quality and freshness, you need simple yet powerful editing tools that help content editors, regardless of skill-set, create and update web content with ease. 

CommonSpot empowers content editors with an intuitive user interface and familiar WYSIWYG tools for effortlessly updating content right within the context of a page. Content quality is controlled using powerful tools such as Spell Check and HTML Cleanup ensuring quality standards are always met reflecting positively on your brand.


Use Any Browser To Access CommonSpot

Browser-based editing.

CommonSpot is 100% browser-based. You can access and edit your content from any modern browser.

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CommonSpot Interface

CommonSpot Interface Thumbnail::CommonSpot Interface Thumbnail

CommonSpot's User Interface is simple, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Our in-context editing makes performing tasks a snap. simply navigated to the page you want to edit and switch into authoring-mode.

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Edit Content Right On The Web Page

In-context editing.

Using simple in-context editing tools, users can quickly create, preview, and publish professionally formatted web content, all within the familiar context of the current page.

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Page Creation Process

Pace Creation Process Thumbnail::Pace Creation Process Thumbnail

Creating a new page in CommonSpot is easy. Simply select the 'New > Page...' menu option, choose the target subsite and template, and then fill out the Standard Properties dialog.

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Publish Content Easily Using A Simple WYSIWYG Editor

WYSIWYG Editor with HTML Cleanup

The Rich Text Editor presents intuitive, familiar WYSIWYG controls that enable non-technical users to quickly publish professional content, within the context of the current page. Administrative controls enable/disable HTML editing, paste preview, and code, MS Word, and style cleanup.

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Element Drag & Drop

Drag and Drop Thumbnail::Drag and Drop Thumbnail

CommonSpot 10.0 now supports dragging and dropping of elements between Container, Tabular Layout and Multi-section elements. Users simply open the element’s menu and begin dragging the ‘Move element’ menu option to move the element.

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Collaborative Editing

Collaborative Editing Feature Thumbnail

Every organization needs an effective web presence. As the web evolves and grows more complex, the process of development and production relies more and more on the collaboration of a diverse set of professionals working effectively together. CommonSpot is a collaborative content management system designed to optimize productivity for today's distributed multi-authoring environment.

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Allow Visitors To Easily Contribute Content

User contributed content.

Enable registered site visitors to contribute any type of content using a simple, form-based interface giving your site a voice of authenticity.

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Contribute Content Using Simple Forms

Form-based content editing.

Enable content contributors to contribute any type of content using a simple, form-based interface.

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Cross Browser Authoring Support

Cross Browser Authoring Support Feature Thumbnail

Work smarter and more productively. CommonSpot helps you manage content anywhere there is an internet connection using the browser of your choice.

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