CommonSpot–Vacation Enabler?

Jul 14 -

Last week I was on vacation. And by vacation, I mean an off the grid, no-work-contact-whatsoever kind of vacation. Nada. But just because I was gone doesn’t mean that nothing was happening on the digital marketing front while I was away. Quite the opposite actually, I sent out multiple tweets while swimming in the ocean. I launched a new quiz on the website home page as I was eating a two pound lobster. I even published several new feature pages while snoozing in my hammock.

Multi-talented you say? Maybe. But the truth is that any good web content management system should allow you to schedule web content for publication on your website, or on any social media channel for that matter, so you don’t have to physically be there to push the button. All you need is a little planning before you go and your digital marketing programs can operate at 100% giving you nothing to worry about while on vacation except where your next fruity drink will come from.

Vacation enabled.

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Andrew Coreland

January 6, 2015
That's cool! I wish I could that today on our site. I've had several cases where that would have come in handy.

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