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Website Ownership Tug of War

Mar 13 - Time after time, I speak with prospects and customers trying to work out the fundamental details of how to best get their content on the Web. For most, it's solved by using a solid content and experience management system. But even with the best system in place, some organizations can't get out of their own way. That is because the management of the user experience is a complex science. It takes the creative and strategic mind of the marketer, combined with the cutting edge technical skills of developers and IT departments. And that is where most power struggles begin.

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Take ownership of the website! (that means you digital marketers)

Mar 05 - "If I have to cook the dinner, why can't Ishop for the groceries?" - Bill Parcels
Even non-football fans can relate to that quote. Take control of your own destiny. Don't get sidelined by someone else's agenda, to do list, preferences, or priorities. Giving up control can cost you the win. Doesn't it go to follow then that marketers—ultimately responsible for digital marketing results—own the website and the tools that manage it?

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Sorry, I couldn’t avoid the cliche title. It seems nobody can. It’s safe to say that no recent technology term has infiltrated our vocabulary so quickly and abundantly. Everywhere you look, companies are offering products and services in “the cloud”. How deep into the clouds are you?
Jan 07  

The difference between a static website and a site that uses personalization is dramatic. Static websites present the same content to every site visitor, and visitors find what they want to view using search and navigation. For more complex sites, unearthing or 'pulling' the right information can be very time-consuming. Personalized websites, however, anticipate a site visitor's needs and 'push' personally-relevant content to them at the right moment based on their interests or the context of their visit, expediting their way through your site.
Dec 21  

If social media is not done correctly, the consequences could be ugly. As marketers, we go to huge efforts to get consumer's attention. That consumer can be your biggest fan or your worst critic depending on how well you execute. And it only takes one angry customer with a blog to do real damage to your brand's reputation. So how do you avoid the angry-customer-screaming-at-the-top-of-their-lungs-via-every-digital-channel scenario?
Nov 26