Take ownership of the website! (that means you digital marketers)

Mar 05 -

"If I have to cook the dinner, why can't I shop for the groceries?" - Bill Parcells

Even non-football fans can relate to that quote. Take control of your own destiny. Don't get sidelined by someone else's agenda, to do list, preferences, or priorities. Giving up control can cost you the win.

Doesn't it go to follow then that marketers (like me)—ultimately responsible for digital marketing results—own the website and the tools that manage it? To meet marketing goals and objectives, time to market is essential. What you don't need is another group's priorities dictating what new marketing features can be implemented, or when.  It can come between you, and the win.

Watch this short, 5-minute video in a three-part video series and learn how, by making Marketing the website owner, you can make your website—and organization—perform like a well oiled machine.



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