Not all websites are the same. Each has different needs both from a marketing standpoint as well from a technical deployment standpoint. With CommonSpot you have flexible deployment options that will meet your needs today and as you grow. 

Whether your organization has the technical resources internally to manage your web servers, or you want to outsource the ongoing hosting and maintentance, we've got you covered. CommonSpot offers both On-Premises and On-Demand (SaaS, based cloud hosting) options.


On Premises or Cloud

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CommonSpot offers highly extensible implementation and deployment options and tools. Available as an On Premise or Cloud (SaaS) offering, CommonSpot has options for authoring, staging, and production servers; developer-only licenses; dedicated or virtual server environments; multi-server shared database or replication; redundancy and failover; and multimedia server support.

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Authoring, Staging and Production Servers

Authoring, Staging and Production Servers Feature Thumbnail

Contributors edit content on authoring servers, which can also serve up production content. Add production servers to meet demand. Low-cost development licenses are available for upgrade and new application testing and development.

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Redundancy and Failover Options

Redundancy and Failover Options Feature Thumbnail

Deploy CommonSpot on a server architecture that meets your visitor demands. This includes the ability to deploy as many redundant servers as needed to match demand spikes, as well as standby failover servers which can be deployed in an emergency.

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Adobe ColdFusion or Lucee (Open Source)

ACF or Railo

Leverage your ColdFusion expertise and investments. CommonSpot is built on top of ColdFusion (CFML) and can be deployed on Adobe ColdFusion or the open-source Railo application server.

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Dedicated or Virtual Server Environment

Dedicated or Virtual Server Environment Feature Thumbnail

Sites can reliably deploy CommonSpot in dedicated or virtual server environments, using the platform of choice.

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Multi-Server Shared Database or Replication Configuration

Multi-Server Configuration Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's server architecture is reliable and highly scalable to handle both the simplest and most demanding web environments, from a single authoring/production server to multiple, geographically distributed authoring and read-only servers. CommonSpot supports both shared database and replication models.

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Open Architecture

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CommonSpot has a completely open architecture which enables organizations to easily integrate with existing front- and back-office systems, or new applications as they are introduced.

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SSL Feature Thumbnail

Secure your site with standards-based SSL or TLS certificates. Serve HTTPS over your own servers or take advantage of CommonSpot Cloud provisioning services for certificate installation and CommonSpot maintenance.

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