Integration is the name of the game in today's web world, and CommonSpot's high-performance, open architecture can help you run with the most demanding Internet, intranet, or extranet applications. Advanced features such as just-in-time page compilation and database connection caching make CommonSpot an effective platform for delivering mission-critical web applications from any source. All out-of-the box applications are built around web browser standards for use by any browser on any platform.

Sites can deploy CommonSpot on a number of highly scalable and reliable J2EE Application Servers and integrate with major Internet standards including J2EE, XML and Web Services. In addition, each release ships with hundreds of documented API calls, for a high degree of programmability and extensibility.

At the system level, the open source Application Development Framework that extends CommonSpot is a combination of server- and site-level object factories built on the open-source Lightwire Object Factory. This design simplifies extensions built from global custom scripts, custom field types, datasheet modules, render handlers, and more. 

  • Deploy on Windows/IIS or Linux Apache HTTP server configurations.
  • Run on ColdFusion or open source Railo/Lucee Application Servers.
  • Use SQL, Oracle, or MySQL databases.
  • Run on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Use the ADF to extend CommonSpot through direct access to CommonSpot data.
  • Custom-build applications combining components (cfc's), custom coding (custom field types, custom scripts, render handlers, etc.) and common ADF library components.
  • Easily import extensions into CommonSpot sites to achieve enhanced functionality.
  • Easily use third-party software ( jQuery plugins, jQuery UI, swfobject, etc.) to enhance web interfaces or interactions with CommonSpot data.

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