Market demands are changing at an ever increasing pace. How agile your organization is can directly affect your competitiveness—and the bottom line. PaperThin's answer is a CMS solution that provides developers with a powerful yet easy-to-use Application Development Framework (ADF) to develop new applications, customize existing applications, or leverage open source applications developed by the PaperThin community. Applications developed by PaperThin are vetted by PaperThin, and those applications developed by the PaperThin community are governed by PaperThin's evolving standards guidelines. Using the ADF, you can: 


Custom Code Integration

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As part of an open, extensible architecture, CommonSpot makes it easy to embed alternative script elements in CommonSpot pages.

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Custom Field Types

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In addition to more than a dozen out-of-the-box field types, CommonSpot makes it easy to create your own to use in custom content objects, simple forms, and metadata forms. This gives you complete control over how information is collected within the system, and enables you to build rich custom applications and application interfaces.

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Application Development Framework


Jumpstart application development initiatives by shaving time off of projects that would otherwise take weeks to code. Developers can complete projects in the ADF in mere days saving organizations time and money, and helping achieve faster time to market.

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Content Object Library

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Use CommonSpot's extensive library of popular content objects right out of the box or easily create custom objects for your site's needs.

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CRUD-less Development

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Build site applications quickly through UI, not code. CommmonSpot handles all of the Create, Read, Update, and Delete functions so you don't have to.

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Developer Access

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Developers have access to the site's file system with all editions of the CommonSpot On Premises and Cloud (except the CommonSpot Cloud shared offering) through both FTP and Commonspot's internal upload capabilities, allowing you to easily make necessary code changes.

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Developer Sandbox Server

Developer Sandbox Server Feature Thumbnail

PaperThin offers a nominally priced development server license for "sandbox" testing outside of production. Use this option to test your current site against new versions of CommonSpot or new code and customizations.

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Developer Community

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Run by developers for developers, the PaperThin Community website — a.k.a. The Commons — delivers product downloads, discussions, articles, and updates to help you work smarter, be more productive, and better support your organization's strategic business initiatives.

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Open Architecture

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CommonSpot has a completely open architecture which enables organizations to easily integrate with existing front- and back-office systems, or new applications as they are introduced.

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Web Services and AJAX

Web Services and AJAX Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot uses the industry-standard AJAXinterface and supporting web services. Client-side processing and options available in this framework deliver a better user experience and improved productivity, which means faster time to web.

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HTML5 Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot fully supports the latest Web standards such as HTML5 helping developers improve the user experience in a variety of ways.

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Base Site

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The CommonSpot Base site gives you a powerful set of applications, sample pages, and management dashboards, plus all the infrastructure and support you need to get an effective web site up and running fast.

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