Any CMS worth its salt allows for customization. As part of an open, extensible architecture, CommonSpot meets and exceeds this expectation with a Custom Script content object designed to make it easy to embed alternative script elements in CommonSpot pages. Sites can invoke custom code written in whatever language they prefer (.Net, PHP, Ruby, Java, CFM, CFC, etc), giving content creators, designers, and developers a simple mechanism for integrating custom, external, or third-party content and functionality.

Custom scripts display to users just like any other content object in CommonSpot. Authors and editors simply point and click to add them to pages. You can also create and pass parameters on the fly from CommonSpot to your custom scripts. CommonSpot automatically converts values into variables the script can interpret. You can also configure the script content to be treated as dynamic or static content, and CommonSpot will caches it appropriately.

  • Create Custom Scripts in any language (PHP, .Net, C#, Java, Ruby, Perl, ColdFusion CFM or CFC, etc.)
  • Easily create and store custom scripts to include custom, external, or third-party content in your pages.
  • Add custom scripts to pages through the same familiar interface used for all other content objects.
  • Render script content dynamically or statically.
  • Include parameters on the fly.

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