The business adage "buy to stay even, build to get ahead", applies to your website as well. If you have development resources, you can leverage CommonSpot's robust set of developer tools and technologies to give you a competitive advantage. Your developers can utilize our open source Application Development Framework, our rich 2,000+ method API, and the over two dozen developer tools to quickly customize a solution and/or intergrate 3rd party systems giving you an advantage over your competition. 

Not only will you be able to build or customize the solution to fit your needs, CommonSpot's tremendous flexiblity will allow you to continue to innovate and adapt as the market and web technologies change.




Thousands of API's

CommonSpot gives IT and developers the tools needed to customize and enhance the UI, programmatically import and export data, and easily integrate with any third party application using nearly 2000 APIs.

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App Library

App library

Run by customers for customers, the PaperThin Community—a.k.a. 'The Commons'—gives developers many distinct advantages that help you work smarter, be more productive, and better support your organization's strategic initiatives. Among other things, you can network with your peers and leverage the open source apps, knowledge, and expertise of the PaperThin community. Community features include: user profiles, forums, blogs, articles, apps, topic webinars, ask the expert sessions, and so on.

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Application Development Framework


Jumpstart application development initiatives by shaving time off of projects that would otherwise take weeks to code. Developers can complete projects in the ADF in mere days saving organizations time and money, and helping achieve faster time to market.

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Industry Standard Web Technologies

Industry Standard Web Technologies Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot is an effective standards-based platform for delivering mission-critical Web applications. CommonSpot enables the use of industry-standard tools for application development and customization. Sites can take advantage of JavaScript, including any of the popular libraries such as jQuery and CSS and responsive design libraries such as Bootstrap. Native CFML support enables rapid application development and Java integration.

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Content Import and Site Migration Tools

Content Import and Site Migration Tools Feature Thumbnail

Save of hours of time on large data import and migration projects. CommonSpot includes a robust set of methods and utilities to import, migrate, or merge site content while ensuring content integrity.

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CRUD-less Development

CRUD-less Development Feature Thumbnail

Build site applications quickly through UI, not code. CommmonSpot handles all of the Create, Read, Update, and Delete functions so you don't have to.

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Custom Content Object Creation

Custom content object creation.

A CMS is more than just a WYSWYG editor. You need the ability to define content types, and easily structure and house that content. CommonSpot content objects come with powerful rendering controls for adding rich content to your site.

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Embeddable Custom Code

Embeddable Custom Code Feature Thumbnail

When you can't get what you need out of the box, you can always create and call your own custom code to get the job done. CommonSpot includes features to help you create, use, reuse, and manage custom modules simply and easily.

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Developer Community

Developer Community Feature Thumbnail

Run by developers for developers, the PaperThin Community website — a.k.a. The Commons — delivers product downloads, discussions, articles, and updates to help you work smarter, be more productive, and better support your organization's strategic business initiatives.

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Developer Sandbox Server

Developer Sandbox Server Feature Thumbnail

PaperThin offers a nominally priced development server license for "sandbox" testing outside of production. Use this option to test your current site against new versions of CommonSpot or new code and customizations.

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HTML5 Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot fully supports the latest Web standards such as HTML5 helping developers improve the user experience in a variety of ways.

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Mobile and Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Make website experiences mobile friendly by enabling site visitors to view content when they want, the way they want—regardless of the device that is being used. Automatically deliver a mobile version of your site to mobile users, a tablet version for tablet users, and so on ensuring all experiences are optimized for the site visitor’s preferred channel.

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Developer Integration Techniques

Developer Integration Techniques Feature Thumbnail

Leverage your investment in existing applications, code, and developer talent using CommonSpot. Easily integrate any functionality or best-of-breed, third-party or open source systems or apps.

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Web Services and AJAX

Web Services and AJAX Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot uses the industry-standard AJAXinterface and supporting web services. Client-side processing and options available in this framework deliver a better user experience and improved productivity, which means faster time to web.

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XML Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's XML framework makes it easy to source and modify content for delivery in multiple formats for custom output or integration with other systems. CommonSpot supports point and click syndication in RSS and Atom format out of the box and includes tools and features for creating custom XML publications and formats.

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Custom Code Integration

Custom Script Thumbnail Image

As part of an open, extensible architecture, CommonSpot makes it easy to embed alternative script elements in CommonSpot pages.

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Custom Field Types

Add New Field Type Thumb

In addition to more than a dozen out-of-the-box field types, CommonSpot makes it easy to create your own to use in custom content objects, simple forms, and metadata forms. This gives you complete control over how information is collected within the system, and enables you to build rich custom applications and application interfaces.

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Implicit Personalization

Implicit Personalization Feature Thumbnail

Automatically group site visitors based on browsing behavior and serve content targeted to their preferences or interests. CommonSpot makes it easy to give anonymous site users a highly personalized experience while collecting valuable browsing information - all in a couple of clicks.

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Explicit Personalization

Explicit Personalization Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot includes powerful group management and scheduling and features for serving content customized to the specific interests and characteristics of CommonSpot users or individuals and groups authenticated through CommonSpot

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Data Manager Field Type

CommonSpot adds to the advanced functionality already available through extensive custom object support with a Data Manager field type. This field comes standard with CommonSpot to enable authors to display and manage related data from different content objects within a single editing interface.

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Resource Loader Framework

JavaScript and CSS logos::JavaScript and CSS logos

CommonSpot provides a resource loader framework for dynamically and efficiently loading JavaScript and CSS resources.

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Generic Render Handlers

Generic Render Handler Thumbnail::Generic Render Handler Thumbnail

CommonSpot 10 now supports the creation of Generic Render Handlers, making it easier to share rendering across different element types.

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