CommonSpot uses a web services architecture and a consistent, dynamic AJAX-based interface. The improved communications and client request processing in this framework delivers both a consistent look and feel and functionality, which translate to a better user experience and greater productivity. AJAX enables faster, more responsive Web applications through a combination of asynchronous Javascript, the Document Object Model (DOM), and XMLhttpRequest. Web application can make quick, incremental updates to a user interface without reloading the entire screen. Pages load faster. Listing dialogs display as scalable data grids with one-click client-side sorting and common filtering options. Adding, deleting, or modifying information automatically updates lists in place, eliminating the need for manual refresh, while change states are clearly indicated.

Lightbox dialogs display as individual layers, shading layers below the current dialog to help maintain context and prevent confusion.

  • Fast, efficient client-side rendering and AJAX technologies deliver a dynamic interface that is easier for authors to click through.
  • One-click column sorting and intelligent context-specific filters enable rapid information retrieval, review, and processing for all content management tasks.
  • Light boxes deliver clear context and a consistent experience for greater productivity.
  • Server, Site, and Subsite interfaces enable one-click administration and one-click navigation to site pages.

Screen Shots