Keeping pace with advances in technology is critical to a competitive web presence, and an open, reliable architecture is a key building block to getting and staying there. CommonSpot is an effective standards-based platform for delivering mission-critical Web applications. CommonSpot comes ready-to-work for today's applications with native support for HTML5, responsive design frameworks like Bootstrap, and UTF-8 support and tools for localization. Organizations can deploy in the cloud or on premises, on a number of highly scalable and reliable J2EE Application Servers within an integrated, standards-based environment that includes J2EE, XML, and Web Services. There are virtually no limits on how you can configure a site or design content to meet the needs of your organization and your audience.

For on-premise installations, CommonSpot supports Adobe ColdFusion and Railo/Lucee, an open source cost-effective option for organizations that manage their own servers and services. CommonSpot Cloud customers inherit the rigorously managed availability and security built in to industry-standard Amazon Web Services.

All out-of-the box features on either platform are built for use by major web browsers. As a 100% browser-based Web application built on top of Java and ColdFusion/Railo, CommonSpot supports authoring on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms using Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for the Mac.

  • Deploy on Microsoft IIS or Apache HTTP web servers.
  • Integrate with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL.
  • Leverage native HTML5 support.
  • Use industry-standard tools for development and customization, including CSS libraries for responsive design and frameworks like Bootstrap.
  • Take advantage of JavaScript, including any of the popular libraries such as jQuery.
  • Seamlessly integrate custom CFML.
  • Easily access and use any of the hundreds of documented API to integrate proprietary and open source systems.

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