Customize and extend your site with nearly 2000 open APIs

Reach and innovation are two words not often associated with a CMS. Many are inflexible and hard to modify. CommonSpot’s open architecture and rich set of APIs allow you to create limitless modifications that increase the functionality, innovativeness, scope and reach of the CMS application. From value-added features such as custom analytics views, to integration with third-party applications, to increasing the scope and reach of the system--you can use our APIs for pure innovation, to extend the functionality of the CMS, or customize it to your exact business requirements thereby future-proofing your investment.

  • Leverage a rich set of nearly 2000 open API methods
  • Control the CMS framework, content rendering, custom applications, and events layer
  • Modify the CommonSpot interface, and out-of-the-box features
  • Create custom interfaces for specific business requirements or tasks
  • Whatever can be done through the interface can be done with code
  • Easily integrate with any best-of-breed or third-party application
  • Enable the delivery of content to any channel or mobile device
  • Save time by automating the migration of content

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