Looking to leverage your investment in ColdFusion? Look no further. CommonSpot harnesses the power of ColdFusion to your advantage. If ColdFusion is your program of choice for rapid application development, you'll love CommonSpot. Performing common functions and creating powerful applications is as simple as using ColdFusion, because it is using ColdFusion. CommonSpot is a 100% ColdFusion CMS.

CommonSpot provides the perfect balance of framework and features to get your website up and running in no time. Leverage your existing ColdFusion infrastructure and expertise, use a suite of powerful built-in features, tailor CommonSpot to your exact business requirements, or build/enhance web applications quickly and with ease. There is virtually no limit to what you can do with a little ColdFusion know-how. 


Natively ColdFusion

Natively ColdFusion Feature Thumbnail

As a native ColdFusion application, CommonSpot gives you instant access to all things ColdFusion (application, client, session, and request scopes, variables and components) as well as all the features and functions you most depend on to power your website. Anything you can do in CF, you can do in CommonSpot.

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Use Rich API Sets

Thousands of API's

CommonSpot gives IT and developers the tools needed to customize and enhance the UI, programmatically import and export data, and easily integrate with any third party application using nearly 2000 APIs.

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Enhance Custom Objects (Apps) With ColdFusion

Custom content object creation.

A CMS is more than just a WYSWYG editor. You need the ability to define content types, and easily structure and house that content. CommonSpot content objects come with powerful rendering controls for adding rich content to your site.

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Leverage Our Developer Community and App Library

App library

CommonSpot is open source where you need it. You get a comprehensive suite of features that come out-of-the-box, plus the ability to leverage open source applications located in our App Library that have been created by PaperThin and the PaperThin Community.

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Develop Applications Using A Flexible Framework


Build feature rich applications rapidly using our proprietary open source Application Development Framework. Shave time off of projects that would otherwise take weeks to code. Developers can complete projects in the ADF in mere days saving organizations time and money, and helping achieve faster time to market.

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Leverage Your ColdFusion and Java Expertise

ColdFusion and Java

Extend existing features easily leveraging your in-house expertise in ColdFusion and Java.

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Deploy Using Adobe ColdFusion or Railo

ACF or Railo

Leverage your ColdFusion expertise and investments. CommonSpot is built on top of Java and CFML and can be deployed in conjunction with either Adobe ColdFusion or the open-source Railo application server.

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Custom Code Integration

Custom Script Thumbnail Image

As part of an open, extensible architecture, CommonSpot makes it easy to embed alternative script elements in CommonSpot pages.

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