Today, you need a scalable, open architecture to keep pace with advances in technology and the needs of your organization. CommonSpot was built on the ColdFusion/Java platform for just this reason.

CommonSpot's tight integration with ColdFusion gives you multiple points of access, for creating custom content objects, custom templates and layouts, dynamic CFML, and more As a Java EE application, ColdFusion code is easily mixed with Java classes and can use existing Java libraries to power a wide variety of applications. ColdFusion includes native access to all underlying Java classes and JSP functions and supports JSP custom tag libraries. It is also one of the first scripting platforms to enable Java development in alternate languages, a popular evolution in website development. 

A high level of flexibility, interoperability, and integration makes ColdFusion — and CommonSpot — a superior platform for rapid, effective web development and deployment, ensuring a responsive, market-ready web presence for your organization.

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