Remove CRUD from your life. CommonSpot eliminates the need for low-level programming, digging into database tables, or relying on DBAs to fix or update legacy apps. All the mundane Create, Read, Update, and Delete functions are handled for you, so you can focus on the job at hand--creating compelling web apps fast.

Whether you install and run on your own servers or deploy over CommonSpot Cloud, you instantly get all the benefits of CommonSpot's object-oriented architecture, such as control over approval, versioning, personalization, and security in a shared environment. You also get point-and-click content object creation for intelligent, distributed development. Built-in support for popular databases (Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server) makes it easy to access and integrate existing content repositories.

And that's just the foundation. Built on the ColdFusion/Java platform, CommonSpot's native support for these technologies speeds the process of customization. Add in the free, open source Application Development Framework with a popular set of ready-to-go apps and a supportive user community, and you have all the rapid application development tools you need to take your site to the next level, CRUD-free.

  • Build robust apps through UI, no code or direct data manipulation required.
  • Easily access and integrate existing content repositories and legacy apps through native support for popular databases.
  • Use the free, open source Application Development Framework to cut development time from days to hours.
  • Use free ADF apps out of the box or build on them to publish blogs, image and multimedia galleries, social media streams, personnel profiles and more.
  • Native ColdFusion and javascript support makes it easy for in-house experts to extend core and ADF functionality.
  • Distribute development for greater resource efficiency.  Built-in tools make it easy for marketers to create and publish rich web, video, and social media content with little or no IT dependencies.

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