Evolving behaviors fueled by the mobile craze have transformed the way customers interact with organizations digitally. Today, a one dimensional web experience is the surest way to condemn your website to failure. You must engage customers on multiple channels, and mobile is arguably the most important. That means you must deliver compelling web experiences in a world where new device types emerge with alarming regularity. No easy feat. Using CommonSpot, you can transform your website to deliver compelling mobile experiences—no matter which device is being used.

CommonSpot customer Meridian Health's Momtourage website which has a mobile and responsive design

  • Present any type of content via any mobile device, including video
  • Detect the mobile device a site visitor is using and deliver the appropriate experience
  • Create experiences that adapt to various screen sizes using responsive web design 
  • Present an all-mobile version of your site or a pared down version with fewer links, navigation, images, etc. 
  • Allow visitors to choose from available mobile layouts 
  • Support new device types as they evolve without reprogramming 
  • Use Vanity URLs to create mobile device-specific page aliases
  • Manage your Web content in a central location for all device types

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