Your web content is competing with a lot of online noise these days. If your message doesn’t come through clearly and consistently, it will be easily forgotten. Mere moments is all you have to make a connection. You need to showcase your content in the best possible way across all digital channels, devices, and languages to spur customer interest. To spur engagement, you need to deliver what the customer wants, and that’s relevancy.

Nailing the customer experience is the key to driving business results. To do that, you must deliver a connected experience across all touch points. Using CommonSpot, you can target and personalize content with ease, drawing customers in from the moment they hit your site. Make every impression count across the web, mobile and social. 


Find Content With Ease

Full Text Search Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot uses the built-in open source SOLR search engine to provide full text search, making it easy to create, view, assign, and remove search collections at the site and subsite levels. Includes one-click search collection regeneration and optimization.

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Manage Navigation Intuitively

navigation menu

CommonSpot offers a variety of tools to help you build intuitive and effective menus that work with your unique web design and content architecture to give visitors a simple and consistent way to find content.

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Make Your Site Mobile Device Friendly

Responsive Design

Make website experiences mobile friendly by enabling site visitors to view content when they want, the way they want—regardless of the device that is being used. Automatically deliver a mobile version of your site to mobile users, a tablet version for tablet users, and so on ensuring all experiences are optimized for the site visitor’s preferred channel.

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Engage With Personalization

Personalization dialog thumbnail

Deliver highly personalized content that anticipates an individual website visitor’s needs at the right moment for a more compelling Web experience that increases engagement and helps marketers improve their overall chance of success.

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Use Likes And Comments To Engage Customers

Web Engagement Feature Thumbnail

Deliver a more interactive experience and engage site visitors by allowing them to comment on, like, and dislike your content, or easily contribute content themselves.

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Extend Your Reach With Social Media

Social Media Thumbnail Image

Facilitate the real conversations that happen in social media while on your website and encourage brand participation, jump-start peer recommendations, and help you achieve your digital marketing objectives.

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Use Multimedia To Connect

You Tube-Brightcove Thumbnail

Video is one of the most effective communication tools you’ve got. CommonSpot simplifies video management by seamlessly integrating with multiple video platforms such as YouTube or Brightcove, allowing you to leverage the power of video.

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Build Credibility With Blog Content

Blog Thumbnail

Blogs are the hard-working underdogs in your marketing toolkit. Open a 24/7 line of communication with consumers, extend your reach to multiple Web channels, improve SEO results, achieve higher website traffic, and drive significantly more leads using Blogs. 

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Re-use Content Throughout Your Site

Content Reuse Thumbnail

Re-use content to ensure consistency across your site. CommonSpot allows you to easily tag content with virtually any category you can think of, and then set criteria for how, when, and where you want it displayed throughout your site. This gives you endless ways to re-use content, and eliminates the need for manual content duplication.

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Deliver Content Via Multiple Channels

Multi-Channel delivery Feature Thumbnail

Give site visitors the choice of viewing Web content when and how they want it providing the best possible user experience. CommonSpot gives you endless ways to present and deliver content, regardless of the delivery channel. Whether RSS, email, iPhone, social media sites, or any other communications channel, you control how and where your brand is presented.

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Site Search

Site Search Preview::Site Search Preview

CommonSpot’s powerful Site Search feature helps you create and manage full-text search collections, create targeted internal search and search results pages, generate featured result listings, and analyze search queries to improve results.

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Faceted Search

Faceted Search Preview::Faceted Search Preview

Improve visitor's search experience by providing faceted search capabilities which allowing them to quickly drill down into the search results based on selected categories.

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