Video is one of the most effective communication tools you’ve got. When a video is compelling, there is no limit to the reach it can have digitally. Videos increase engagement whether viewed on a desktop or enjoyed from the comfort of your favorite mobile device. Getting it right is essential.

To maximize effectiveness, videos must be fast, responsive, branded consistently, easy to share across social media channels, and targeted to the right person at the right time. And for that, you need CommonSpot.

CommonSpot simplifies video management by seamlessly integrating with multiple media sources such as YouTube or Brightcove.  It's the only tool you need to publish, manage, target and share your videos across the web, mobile and social.


Easily Create Video Playlists

Video Playlists Feature Thumbnail

Enhance the value of your video assets by easily creating and publishing YouTube- or Brightcove-hosted playlists in CommonSpot.

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Host Your Videos On YouTube

YouTube Video Integration::YouTube Video Integration

Leverage YouTube's free video hosting platform to house your videos. CommonSpot provides a tight integration with YouTube so that you can directly upload and manage videos via CommonSpot into YouTube.

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Host And Manage Video Assets Using Brightcove

Brightcove Video Integration::Brightcove Video Integration

Manage externally hosted multimedia the same way you manage everything else. CommonSpot seamlessly integrates with Brightcove for high-quality video publishing without the headache of managing media servers or dealing with distributed code snippets. Easily upload and publish Brightcove video to your site within the content management workflow. CommonSpot takes care of the rest.

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Play Videos Without Plugins Using HTML5

HTML5 Video Support Feature Thumbnail

Multimedia features include support for advanced HTML-5 video features, enabling very rich, sophisticated multimedia publishing.

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Host Videos Locally On Your Own Server

Locally Hosted Video Feature Thumbnail

In addition to robust support for integrated Brightcove and YouTube video, you can easily serve video stored on your local or cloud-based servers and manage it just like other video sources in a common multimedia library.

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Manage Videos Easily Right Within The CommonSpot Interface

Video and Multimedia

Draw website visitors in using multimedia assets such as videos, images, and other multimedia content. Make sure your site is optimized with as much jazz as possible

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