The key to digital marketing success today is to deliver highly targeted content that anticipates a website visitor’s needs. This means giving personally-relevant content to the right audience at the right time for a more compelling Web experience that increases engagement and helps marketers improve their overall chance of success.

CommonSpot uses implicit and explicit personalization to deliver personalized user experiences that drive value for website visitors and your organization. You can present entirely different Web pages with changes to site design, content and offers, for example, based on the mobile device being used, geo location, website activity, areas of interest, content viewed, searches made, and form conversions—to name only a few.

CommonSpot gathers information from each visitor during every session, including the current one, so Web content dynamically adjusts delivering personally-relevant content at exactly the right moment.



Deliver Targeted And Context-Specific Content To Site Visitors

Contextualization Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot includes powerful tools for serving context-specific, personally relevant content across devices for a more compelling web experience that increases engagement and improves marketing success.

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Use Implicit Personalization To Serve Content Based On Preferences Or Interests

Implicit Personalization Feature Thumbnail

Automatically group site visitors based on browsing behavior and serve content targeted to their preferences or interests. CommonSpot makes it easy to give anonymous site users a highly personalized experience while collecting valuable browsing information - all in a couple of clicks.

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Use Explicit Personalization To Deliver Targeted Content To Specific Groups

Explicit Personalization Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot includes powerful group management and scheduling and features for serving content customized to the specific interests and characteristics of CommonSpot users or individuals and groups authenticated through CommonSpot

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Scheduled Content Publishing and Expiration

Schedule by Day and Time Thumb

Powerful content scheduling and personalization can deliver content based on the time of day, audience interest, or specialized criteria that you define. Automatic page expiration and redirection features ensure content integrity.

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