Giving site visitors the choice to view content when and how they want it promotes your brand across channels and gives your users the best possible experience.

CommonSpot provides all the benefits of a secure, central content repository while simultaneously giving you all the tools you need to present and deliver content your way. Built-in features make it easy to target social media, microsites, mobile phones and other devices, syndication outlets, and more. Whether RSS, email, iPhone, Twitter, Facebook or any other communication channel, you control what visitors see and where and how your brand is presented.

  • Leverage grid frameworks, device detection, scheduling and personalization, and redirect support to deliver content to mobile and other devices.
  • Easily create schedules and rules to optimize communications for your social media channels. Centrally manage postings and updates, and status.
  • Accelerate microsite development and delivery though Site/Subsite design, XML architecture, and SEO and Vanity URL redirect features.
  • Use on-board support for Word, PDF, or PowerPoint to distribute content in print or display format.
  • Share complete web pages via email inside or outside of CommonSpot.

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