The advantages of providing full text search capabilities within your site are obvious. It allows visitors to quickly find content, minimize bounce rates, increase conversions, help with customer self-service, and creates an overall positive web experiences - fostering trust in your brand. However for sites that have a lot of content and different audiences it is often still a difficult task for site visitors to wade through hundreds of search results.

By Leveraging CommonSpot's rich metadata/taxonomy classification capabilities, you can combine the power of full text searching with the ability to 'discover' information with faceted search.

You have probably seen faceted search interfaces on sites like Amazon, just not knowing what it is called. In the screenshot below you can see the user searched for the keyword 'Guide' and 73 results were returned. That's a lot to wade through. But if you look to the left of the search results, you will see a listing of various 'facets' which sub-categorize the results and allow the user to search again by drilling down into the categories that are of interest to them.

By listing the facets and categories under each, the user is able to 'discover' the different types of content you have, making it much easier for them to find what they need, even if they don't know exactly what it is or how to search for it.

Screen Shots