The expression "Content is King" has never been more true than it is today. The enormous amount of information available on effective websites only increases as time goes by, making site search essential to satisfying the "I want it now" mindset. 

Visitors need a variety of ways to find what they’re looking for, no matter how well you’ve designed your navigation. Everyone has a preferred way of searching, and everyone has high expectations thanks to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, which make it easy for us to find the right content with lightning speed. Meeting those search expectations is essential to delivering the positive user experiences that increase engagement and reinforce your brand. 

CommonSpot offers a variety of powerful search tools that give visitors their desired results quickly and with near perfect relevance.


Use Full Text Descriptions To Search For Content

Full Text Search Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot uses the built-in open source SOLR search engine to provide full text search, making it easy to create, view, assign, and remove search collections at the site and subsite levels. Includes one-click search collection regeneration and optimization.

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Use Query By Example Forms To Conduct Complex Searches

Query by Example Forms Feature Thumbnail

In addition to full-text search, CommonSpot offers a powerful Query by Example feature providing site visitors with a form for creating complex searches across specific data sets such as faculty profiles, event calendars, products, etc.

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Discover Content Naturally Using Facet-Based Navigation

Facet-Based Navigation Feature Thumbnail

Today's websites can be a collection of hundreds if not thousands of web pages containing valuable information that may be hard to find using full-text search unless you know the right search term. Facet-based navigation let's you easily drive site visitors through a logical path of discovery for fast information retrieval.

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Leverage Solr And Third-Party Search Support

Solr and Third-party Search Support Feature Thumbnail

The importance of robust search functionality cannot be over-emphasized. Visitors expect it and sites need it to optimize information discovery and for accurate reporting, analytics, and site tuning. CommonSpot supports both proprietary and open source full-text search, including native support for the popular Apache Solr service.

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A-Z Listings with Type Ahead Search

A-Z Listings with Type Ahead Search Feature Thumbnail

Help site visitors easily search for and find what they are looking for fast. CommonSpot's A-Z listings with type-ahead search returns results as you type for better information discovery and retrieval.

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Featured Search Results

Manage Featured Results Thumbnail::Manage Featured Results Thumbnail

CommonSpot's Featured Search Results feature allows you designate which pages are "featured" in the search results for a given keyword, allowing you to improve click through rates.

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Search Analytics

Search Analytics Thumbnail::Search Analytics Thumbnail

CommonSpot provides search analytics for internal searches, allowing administrators to see which keywords visitors search for, how many times a keyword or keyword phrase was searched for, how many results were returned for each searched term, and which search results visitors clicked.

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Site Search

Site Search Preview::Site Search Preview

CommonSpot’s powerful Site Search feature helps you create and manage full-text search collections, create targeted internal search and search results pages, generate featured result listings, and analyze search queries to improve results.

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Faceted Search

Faceted Search Preview::Faceted Search Preview

Improve visitor's search experience by providing faceted search capabilities which allowing them to quickly drill down into the search results based on selected categories.

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