When visitors come to your site they are in hunter mode. If they don’t find what they want quickly, they will leave. CommonSpot's A-Z listings with type-ahead search offers a more interactive search experience, providing high quality results with near perfect relevance.  

Presenting information in an A-Z format organizes it in a familiar, easily scannable way. Adding a find-while-you-type search field dynamically returns results containing the characters you type as you type them for immediate access to a broad results set that grows narrower as you add text. Type-ahead solves the problem of sorting and finding information in long or complex lists for fast information discovery and retrieval and delivers relevant results with lightning speed improving the overall search experience.

  • Easily create alphabetical listings with type-ahead search fields.
  • Add this functionality to any CommonSpot page.
  • Use out of the box or modify type-ahead field attributes and style your way.
  • Easily integrates with CommonSpot content objects and data filtering.

Screen Shots