Sitemaps are a useful tool for site visitors and search engines alike, but only when up to date. Sitemaps offer visitors an alternative way to navigate your website in one single view. More importantly they tell search engines the pages of your website that you want crawled, the priority or hierarchy of your content, and when your pages were last updated. 

To be truly effective, sitemaps should be delivered in two ways: on a page that site visitors can easily browse to find information, and as an XML feed for search engines to crawl. 

CommonSpot’s sitemap tool makes creating dynamic sitemaps easy. Because of its dynamic capabilities, sitemap pages and feeds update automatically so you don't have to lift a finger to keep them up to date. If you’ve gone to a lot of effort to create content and optimize it for search engines, this is a must-do step to ensure that you’ve used all the tricks in your playbook to get your website indexed, and get desired SEO results.
  • Create self-updating search-engine compatible sitemap feeds 
  • Create well laid out, self-updating sitemap pages for visitors

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