The exponential growth of web content has provided a challenge to organizations tasked with trying to maintain control over content quality, organization, deliverability, and findability. Web content is simply unstructured information waiting to be classified. By applying keywords, metadata, contributor tags, and rules you reveal the true meaning and possibility of content, greatly enhancing its value.

CommonSpot helps you elevate your content by allowing you to easily and intuitively classify it while it is being created, added, captured, or collected improving its value exponentially. CommonSpot’s renowned and easy-to-use classification capabilities help you re-use content throughout your site, deliver targeted and personalized content, make content easier to find and navigate, analyze and optimize specific content to increase its effectiveness, and so much more. 


Keyword Management

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Knowing the keywords that site visitors and search engines use to find content on your website is crucial. With CommonSpot, marketing-blessed keywords can be Enforced (non-modifiable) sitewide providing greater control, or set to Default (modifiable) giving contributors the freedom to create keywords that reflect the content for which they are responsible.

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Tagging your content is essential for managing it your way. CommonSpot captures a standard set of metadata automatically, including date, file location, owner, etc., and includes extensive support for custom metadata for content organization, targeted filtering and presentation and even navigation.

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Taxonomy Based Tagging and Search

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Easily classify and organize content to improve search results relevancy. CommonSpot's robust taxonomy tagging integrates with search features for optimal information discovery and retrieval.

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Facet-Based Navigation

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Today's websites can be a collection of hundreds if not thousands of web pages containing valuable information that may be hard to find using full-text search unless you know the right search term. Facet-based navigation let's you easily drive site visitors through a logical path of discovery for fast information retrieval.

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Related/See-Also Content

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Automatically create links between related pages and documents without text entry or manually generating links. CommonSpot automatically adds "See Also" text and tracks links at your site.

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Contributor Tags

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Tagging content is important for site organization, and making it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for on your site. But behind the scenes CommonSpot lets individual contributors also create private ad-hoc tags, to easily manage their own day-to-day responsibilities.

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Faceted Search

Faceted Search Preview::Faceted Search Preview

Improve visitor's search experience by providing faceted search capabilities which allowing them to quickly drill down into the search results based on selected categories.

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