Finding and maintaining links between related pages quickly becomes a challenge as information changes and page volume grows. CommonSpot includes features to quickly and reliably add See Also references to the current page without interrupting workflow. Conveniently search for and generate links to related pages as you create, edit, or publish pages. No need to manually create citations or manage links. CommonSpot automatically generates links and updates them when pages move.

References display with brief descriptions. You can centrally review and maintain cross-links to related material contained in your pages and add new references as they become available. CommonSpot includes utilities to automatically update and refresh See Also and other links.

  • Quickly create reliable cross-references between related pages and documents.
  • Automatically create "See Also" and cross-reference text, no text entry or manual linking required.
  • Automatically update links when pages move
  • Centrally view and manage all "See Also" references for any page at any time.
  • Run site utilities automatically on a schedule or on-demand to maintain link integrity.

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