Keeping employees educated and engaged has become a top priority for corporations, elevating the Intranet in importance. This shift has put a massive emphasis on Intranet engagement over content. Where once merely the go-to place for benefit information, today’s Intranets are social. They offer endless ways of engaging employees, and getting them to engage with each other. Intranets serve as social hubs where employees come to learn, collaborate and develop fresh takes on your business. When done correctly, they can be a serious competitive advantage.

CommonSpot delivers on the promise of Intranet engagement with a variety of powerful tools. Build visually stunning Intranet’s that educate and connect employees, enable social conversations, provide personal workspaces, plug people in to company-wide communications, push targeted and personalized content to employees, and help them find the content they are looking for regardless of device being used. Learn more about CommonSpot for Intranets and start making your employees a competitive advantage.



Manage Documents With Ease

Upload New Document

CommonSpot eliminates the challenges associated with document management by providing full document library support, including document versioning, security, metadata/taxonomy classification, full text search, dynamic filtering, and more.

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Leverage Your Own Authentication System

Authentication Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot provides a robust security framework that you can use out of the box, or integrate with your own authentication system. It enables full user authentication and group management for both content editors and site visitors, and can also call upon any third-party user directory (such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Active Directory, or any custom data source) so users and groups can be centrally managed.

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Create Personal or Team Workspaces

Portal Feature Thumbnail

Give customers, partners, and employees secure access to company information using the PaperThin Portal app. Present data, applications, and information in a centralized location online. Easily customize the location of content, add new content, or lock down specific content controlling what is viewed by site visitors.

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Easily Create Bios And Employee Directories

Profiles & Directories Feature Thumbnail

Showcase human assets (such as faculty, staff, students, and physicians) and bring a voice of authenticity to your site using the PaperThin profile app. The profile app leverages existing ERP data such as name and title enabling authenticated users to easily create profile pages, upload photos, edit bios, and manage personal information through a simple forms interface.

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Give Employees Secure Access To Specific Content

Secure Access to Content Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot has a robust security framework, built-in authentication, and granular content security for unparalleled flexibility in managing and controlling access to content.

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Encourage Questions And Discussions Using Forums

Forums Feature Thumbnail

Use the PaperThin Forum to enable authenticated community members whether internal or external to post comments, follow discussion threads, and receive instant notifications when new comments are added.

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Gather And Analyze Form Data

Datasheets (Tabular Data Grids) Feature Thumbnail

Easily display and automatically filter and publish structured data, such as form submissions, in a tabular view on any page. Includes flexible out-of-the-box and custom options for sort order, filtering, and formatting.

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Build Custom Forms Easily

Form Builder Feature Thumbnail

Easily create simple and attractive forms for any purpose (such as event registrations, polls, or surveys)—without the need to write code—using CommonSpot's form builder. Store your results in a database or email them directly to you in an easy to read summary format.

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Enable Employees To Like And Comment On Content

Web Engagement Feature Thumbnail

Deliver a more interactive experience and engage site visitors by allowing them to comment on, like, and dislike your content, or easily contribute content themselves.

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Deliver Targeted Content To Employees

Personalization & Contextualization Feature Thumbnail

Easily deliver personalized and targeted content to site visitors based on their profile preferences or the context of their Web activity (entering through a landing page, search term, or referring URL; the presence of cookies from email campaigns or site activity; visits from a specific IP address, and so on). This provides for a more personalized or 1-to-1 visitor experience that drives higher conversion rates.

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Enable One Or Many Bloggers

Blog Thumbnail

Blogs are the hard-working underdogs in your marketing toolkit. Open a 24/7 line of communication with consumers, extend your reach to multiple Web channels, improve SEO results, achieve higher website traffic, and drive significantly more leads using Blogs. 

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Push Business-Critical News To Employees

News Feature Thumbnail

Compelling and up-to-date news can boost your SEO ranking and keep site visitors coming back. CommonSpot's News makes it easy to create and publish news of interest to your audience and customize listings for targeted consumption.

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Work On The Intranet Using Any Mobile Device

Responsive Design

Make website experiences mobile friendly by enabling site visitors to view content when they want, the way they want—regardless of the device that is being used. Automatically deliver a mobile version of your site to mobile users, a tablet version for tablet users, and so on ensuring all experiences are optimized for the site visitor’s preferred channel.

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Allow Employees To Contribute Content

User contributed content.

Give your site the voice of authenticity by attracting and automatically publishing visitor-generated content. A simple forms-based interface makes it easy to add blog posts, comments, reviews, testimonials, and more from members of your community.

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Pull Content In From External Sources Using RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds Feature Thumbnail

Syndicate content such as new articles, blogs, and press releases to any news reader at the click of the mouse making it highly accessible using CommonSpot's RSS feed capabilities.

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Easily Integrate With Any Back-Office Or Best-Of-Breed System

Developer Integration Techniques Feature Thumbnail

Leverage your investment in existing applications, code, and developer talent using CommonSpot. Easily integrate any functionality or best-of-breed, third-party or open source systems or apps.

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Use A Social Activity Stream To Make Communicating Easier

Social Media Stream Feature Thumbnail

Combine posts from chosen social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, or WordPress) and display them in a single data stream on your website to better engage website visitors with real-time content, promotions, and peer conversations.

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Securely Enroll New Members Into Your Community

Community Membership Feature Thumbnail

Does your site have a members only section that requires authenticated access? Use CommonSpot to enroll new members to your community site easily and securely and show members only the content they are authorized to view.

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Subscribe To Pages Of Interest

Subscription Feature Thumbnail

Easily subscribe to internal CommonSpot pages, add subscription links to templates and pages, and manage subscriptions and updates your way. Subscription and notification features make it easy for everyone to stay up to date on the information they need most.

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